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There may be people waiting outside hotels and kids saying things to me, but I don’t focus on that. It used to bother me, but there’s a fine line between enjoying the excitement and being wrapped up in it. It’s nice to receive attention, but I’ve come to realise that not all of it is good.

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People can hate on you for doing what it is that makes you happy, but ultimately it has to belong to you. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Life is not easy. The road to happiness is not a path well trotted. You have to find your own path to enlightenment. —Jamie Campbell Bower

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 “My connection to acting is like therapy. You know when you feel that you want to say something and you can’t get it out? Or you don’t know exactly what it is that you’re feeling? Acting for me is embracing all those things I want to say and saying them in someone else’s words but making them true to how I’m feeling. It’s incredibly therapeutic. At the end of the day of shooting when I come home and its been an emotional day I get into bed and I laugh because its like there’s this weight that’s lifted.”

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